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Free by Leyla Ergun

April 19, 2012

Free to act, or done as one wishes, and not under the control of another or others.

Free is a word whose meaning resonates within a person’s heart and mind. It is understood, remembered, and appreciated, or it can be unclear and forgotten and in this case, there will be many things and instances that are free, though those who are unclear will not be aware of this fact.

Free to be happy, though this can only be achieved through a person’s choice of thoughts and actions, which that person is free to do.

Free to love and be loved, and there is only one true way to love and be loved: Nature’s way; which has rules and boundaries, so people do not hurt themselves or others; though there are many wrong ways to love which have no boundaries.

When others are free to follow their own rules rather than Nature’s rules, it causes hurt and upset to themselves and others. Free to choose, and to make mistakes and to change your mind, which is all part of the learning process, to get us into focus, and to bring us all back to Nature’s love; so we can live on earth like it is paradise.

Free to learn and to be wise, which helps ourselves and others to improve. It also prevents ourselves and others, from making the same mistakes twice.

Free to believe or not to believe, though the truth when realised cannot be denied.

Free to pursue the truth, the one truth that can set all people free.

Free to live in truth when Nature’s laws are in effect and protected with love.

Free is a gift but it is a gift that has consequences depending on how people choose to use it. When a person is free to do good, good things will come from this, but when a person is free to do evil, they will be punished. When a person chooses to do both good and evil, then they will end up confused.

Free is when something cannot be bought or sold; it is a gift from God, like love, Nature, and happiness is.

Free is our birthright that can only be taken away from us when Nature’s rules are forsaken for the rules of another or others.

Free is God’s purpose for everyone as there is not other way for which life is to be experienced.

For further reading, a good book that talks about being free is The Reason by Leyla Ergun.

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